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Breakdown of some of the different metrics used to quantify the vault's performance

  1. Return Since Genesis

    Measures the absolute performance of the vault after account for Impermanent Loss and all associated rebalancing costs so far since the vault was deployed. Intuitively this is conceptualized as the change in value of the LP token In the above image, the 1.15% return means that since the Vault was deployed 10 days ago, the total capital of the vault has grown by 1.15% purely from capturing the trading fees. This number is not annualized.

This is calculated as :

notional_difference = 
((curr_balance_0 - initial_token_0) * token_0_price) + 
((curr_balance_1 - initial_token_1) * token_1_price);

returns = 
(notional_difference * 100) / (initial_notional * supply_twap_ratio);

// where supply_twap_ratio is the TWAP of the supply of the LP token over a 1 week window
  1. Fee APY

    The expected APY from trading fees based on last 7 days feed earned in the pool within the same price range as the vault's position, annualized. This APY does not account for Impermanent Loss and rebalancing costs.

  2. Position status

    1. In Range : Pool's price is trending within the Vault's LP price ranges. Pool is earning fees.

    2. Passive : The Vault has exited the position and is currently waiting for volatility to settle down before creating a new LP position again.

    3. Out of Range : The pool's price is trending outside of the LP's price range and not earning any fees. This situtation is not expected to happen often. Expect a rebalancing event to happen soon.

  3. Position Overview

    Shows what quantities of both assets are currently deployed in the pool and in what ratios. This ratio and composition is expected to keep changing as the price of the pool changes.

  4. Total Fees

    USD value of total fees earned so far from the Vault based on the current market prices of both the tokens

Adding Liquidity

  1. Select a vault that you want to add liquidity for and connect your wallet to your chain. Supported wallets include Metamask, Wallet Connect and Coinbase Wallet.

  2. Enter the amount of tokens that you want to add liquidity with. You need to provide liquidity in both the tokens depending on the ratio in the pool. Enter the amount for one token and the other is automatically filled-in for users.

  3. Give approval for tokens

  4. Click "Add Liquidity" to send the transaction to the chain.

  5. You will receive LP tokens in your wallet that you can use anytime to withdraw you liquidity + fees. The value of these LP tokens automatically change with the performance of the vaults. Your added liquidity is displayed in the box above

Removing Liquidity

When removing liquidity, the ratio in which you get back the tokens depends on the position's current ratio. The vault rebalances in such a way that the vault's overall exposure of the base token in maintained constant. Each individual user's exposure might change.

  1. Connect your wallet with the chain

  2. Click on the "Remove Liquidity" tab and specify the amount of LP tokens you want to redeem. You can also select this via a slider to choose it as a percentage.

  3. You will be able to view how many exact tokens you would receive.

  4. Click on "Remove Liquidity" button to send the transaction via your wallet

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