Auto Router

The Universal Router to DeFi Asset Management. Auto Router is building the infrastructure for on chain asset management through non custodial vaults where sophisticated vault managers can run their automated strategies with transparent on chain execution. We envision a future where blockchain-based assets are professionally managed on a scale comparable to traditional financial platforms. We are building the infrastructure for vault managers to run a diverse set of strategies across themes like -

  1. 1.Spot / AMM Automated Liquidity Management Vaults on top of concentrated liquidity AMMs like Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Quickswap etc.

  2. 2.Liquid Staking Automated Vaults to optimize the yields across Liquid Staking ETH derivatives like stETH (Lido Staked ETH), fxsETH (Frax Ether) etc

  3. 3.NFT-Finance Automated Vaults for optimizing yield on top of NFT lending markets like Blur Lending, BendDAO, Paraspace etc

  4. 4.Derivatives Automated Vaults for optimizing yield on top of decentralized derivative platforms like GMX (Perpetuals), QuickPerps (Perpetual), Lyra (Options), Opyn (Options) etc.

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